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Vortex SP1 (South Florida Only)

All Vortex™ spreaders can be used year round for fertilizer, pre-emergent herbicides, insecticides, granular growth regulators, ice melt products and other granular materials.

The blower on the Patented Vortex SP1™ spreader kit can be detached in a matter of seconds in order to remove excess granular product from driveways, sidewalks and the leaf surface of ornamental plant material. The complete attachment weighs only 12 pounds. The Vortex SP1 is the original granular blower.

This efficient, lightweight, time and material saving machine mounts to your existing spreader with ease. We can supply the Patented Vortex SP1™ as a kit or complete unit including a new push type or hydraulic drive turf spreader.


Key Features

  • Use one spreader for Turf and Ornamentals
  • Remove 2 hoses and the blower, you are back to a turf spreader
  • All Stainless steel valve components
  • 5 foot long granular material delivery hose
  • Lightweight hand held blower used for granular delivery and clean up
  • Up to 15 lbs. per minute material application rate. Fully adjustable valve for varied rate of material delivery
  • On / Off control at spreader handle.
  • Non clogging Patented delivery system U.S. Patents #6,883,736, 7,080,961, 7,137,579, 7,337,992
  • Lightweight System- kit approx. 12 lbs.
  • Extension tubes included for longer delivery pattern
  • Unlimited maneuverability
  • Easy clean-up with liquid soap and water
  • Use the Vortex SP1™ kit on all LESCO push spreaders, hydro drive and ride on units.
  • Will apply mini prill, standard prill and large pellets
  • One person operation
  • Small areas are perfect for the Vortex SP1™ and Javelin Precision Applicator™


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